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Why Forex Trading Strategies Fail? Let’s Analyze & Fix It!

Why do forex strategies fail, even after careful analysis and implementation? Why do algorithms work in some cases but not in other cases? Let’s move on and know more about it.

Trading Strategy And The Way It Works

Trading strategies give instructions to the traders and make the job an easier one. A right strategy formed after a careful analysis provides a clear idea about the entry and exit of trades. And also give instructions about the time not conducive for trading. A forex strategy takes into account time frames, currency pairs, and lot sizes. A lot of strategies are available online to experiment with. Many of the newbie traders look at it as a magic tool. And try to make money from swing trading, scalping, day trading, etc. Some strategies work and generate income. But the strategies yield income under specific circumstances only. The strategies also give many false signals. Only after working with a specific strategy for a long time, a trader can learn it. Then only the trader can adapt it to his style and feel its reaction to the price movement. In due course, the trader would learn to focus only on the important things and avoid insignificant things, at a glance.

Why does a Trading Strategy Fail?

Following a strategy as a template without knowing the function of the market is totally useless. Moreover, when you follow a trading strategy, you have to combine different methods of market analysis. But you should know the fact that no method of market analysis is common to all. And you have to adjust to the conditions and should not let things dictate the terms. When you study the market continuously, you would know about the market factors and start to do your trades rightly.


Don’t follow any strategy or any other trader blindly. Because two persons who work with the same technical analysis get vastly different results is a common occurrence. Choose the strategy that works best for you. And follow it closely. Initially check it with a micro account with a small amount. Then move to the standard account once you feel comfortable with it.

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