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What is Scalping Trading? Do you know about scalpers?

Not all traders prefer scalping.

In fact, many experienced traders express aversion.

A lot of online articles discourage scalping.

Saying you will lose everything soon.

As scalping is done at a brisk rate,
many experts compare it with adventure sports.

And are sure about the tragic end.

You can go for scalping

Scalpers are not in negligible numbers, and many of them are successful.

They stand by their methods of trading.

Like any other traders.

Short term trading is profitable.

If you can do it in a smart way.

What is more important is your attitude.

You should think, as scalping demands.

It’s not suitable for a laid back person.

Similarly, it’s not suitable for nervous personalities.

How to do scalping

Than any other form, scalping needs discipline.

It involves a lot of short term trades.

A scalper can’t hang on any trade with hope.

He/she should be robotic in nature.

They should not allow their emotions to play in.

Making loses and gains in the trades happens.

But maximizing the gains is the key in short term trading.

Deciding the optimum number of trades is essential.

It’s the key to succeed in scalping.

Types of scalpers

There are different scalping strategies.

Like range scalping, breakout scalping, and trend scalping.

A scalper applies it depending on the nature of the market.

Some price patterns and situations are favorable for scalpers.

More than the long term traders.

Scalping is not for the weak-hearted.

And one needs complete dedication as a scalper.


A scalper has to stick with the monitor.

And can’t move away freely.

Moreover, scalping is not a shortcut for money-making.

It also needs research and testing.

Finally, short-term trading is not a sin.

It’s suitable for certain personality types.

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