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How to get your cool back after a big slump?

Let me start by telling a harsh reality to you – You will have multiple slumps in your career. It is not something you can dodge. It is always waiting to happen. So, denial can only make problems worse. Instead, the best way to counter it is by being prepared for it.

Preparation doesn’t equate to feeding pessimism into your brain. There are ways to build up counter-intuitive approaches into systems. And here is it.

Bring back consciousness

As you age with the market, trading becomes an unconscious process. When you enter a phase, this phenomenon aggravates the problem. So, break the chain. You can do it by adding another layer of activity to your trading system. You can talk to yourself out loud about the trading decision or write up the trade plan and then read it to check whether it is rational before entering the trade. This little pause can put brakes on those impulsive trades that take your trading account down.

Revisit your winners

Amid the slump you are in, you might pick some profitable trades. Review your winners and see what worked out for you. Compare it with the losers. It might help you find the faults or give you the much-needed confidence you deserve. You can expand this reviewing process to a long horizon and find your strength and weakness. Once you find your strength, you can get your groove back. Remember, you ought to do more than what works for you in trading.

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