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How to Become a Forex Trader – Easy? Not Easy?

In general, people start trading with too much optimism.

And they hope that they can earn millions shortly.

And another half of people are pessimistic.

They think that forex trading is only for smart people.

But either of them is not completely true.

You can become a trader

In reality, everyone can become a trader.

And have a prosperous career in forex trading.

But you have to learn many things.

Without education, you can’t succeed as it’s not gambling.

Newbies have to work hard to get a stable income.

You can make use of automatic expert advisors.

And the help of professional brokers.

To pick the right method that works for you.

i) Choose the right broker

Beware of scammers.

There is no only one working strategy.

And there is no win-win strategy.

Real brokers advise you to know all risks.

Would ask you to test all methods of trading.


They recommend reliable indicators and good trading platforms.

Pick the right one and stick to the company.

ii) Choose the right strategy

Every trader should have a strategy to follow.

Never rely on your gut feelings.

Even the simplest strategy is based on support and resistance levels.

Some strategies are based on fundamental analysis.

Some strategies are based on technical analysis.

Experienced traders use the combo of both strategies.

Sticking with the tested and working strategy would be better for newbies.

iii) Manual Strategy

In general, the trading strategies are divided into two categories.

They are manual and automated strategies.

In manual trading, you have to sit in front of the monitor.

Have to analyze the market to know the right buy/sell signal.

Moreover, you have to wait for the opportune time.

iv) Automated Strategy

Automated trading tools are available in the market.

Or a trader can develop his own algorithm to match his strategy.

It automatically finds the right trading signals.

And waits for the right time without your assistance.

It is free from emotion and helps you do stress-free trading.

More Than anything, learn the ways to save your capital.

There are many risk management techniques available.

It helps you to stay in business for a long time.

And ultimately, you can become a better forex trader.

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