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Trading Style – How often forex traders do their trading?

This question is always there, in the forex market.

Newbies and traders who want to make consistent earning ask this.

“How often professional traders do actual trading?”

Actually, there can’t be a single answer to this question.

It depends on the situation and the type of trading the traders choose.

But, you can get an idea about what you can realistically expect in the market

High-frequency traders

In the last several years, many changes have occurred in the forex world.

With the development of information technology and the use of the internet.

By using it, high-frequency traders do 100s of trades per day.

They don’t do it manually. It is done by a computerized system.

They use specialized systems with much faster connections.

Huge funds and banks follow this type of trading.

They look for no huge margin but intend to make a lot over the hundreds of trades

Day Traders

It’s a different scenario for day traders.

They look for approximately 20 trades a day.

The market is uncertain and there won’t be the same number of opportunities every day.

But they can find up to five trades per day easily.


As the traders do it in a short time chart, it’s the most difficult way of trading.

The traders have to deal with maintaining the emotional balance.

The professionals with good experience prefer day trading.

Swing Traders

The other group of traders is the swing traders or intermediate traders.

They try to place at least a couple of trades in a day.

And they watch their trades for several hours a day.

They look for specific targets, not time frames.

The quantity of trades depends on market conditions.


Investors are the traders who buy the currency in an uptrend.

They buy it and hold it for weeks.

Some of the investors hold it even for years.

They should have the strength of mind to hang on.

The traders usually start with small positions.

And would build on it as the trade worked in their favor.

So, the investors would hold a trade for a year or more.

Choose the number of your trades as per your trading style!

And be successful in your forex life!

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